Blockchain powered supply chain payments

Accelerate and Secure Your Supply Chain Payments with Streamlined Blockchain Solutions.

Why Piezo Payments?

Explore the advantages of secure, transparent and efficient, blockchain-triggered payments to bank accounts. A perfect fit for supply chains already using the blockchain.

Transparent & Traceable

Track events leading up to and triggering payment on the easily accessible and immutable blockchain. Enhance cashflow forecasting, reduce matching and reconciliation costs, mitigate fraud risks, promote understanding between parties to reduce dispute costs.

Secure & Tamper Proof

The blockchain assures that information is protected against unauthorised changes.  Resilience and integrity are bolstered by the distributed ledger model.  Sensitive information relating specifically to payments can be encrypted to ensure that competitors, fraudsters and hackers can't access protected data.

Reduce Costs

Replace or minimize traditional accounts payable and accounts receivable activities by allowing payments to be triggered by conditions recorded on the blockchain.  Examples: "shipment delivered", "quality check complete", "excise duty paid".

Improve Quality

Using the blockchain allows customers, suppliers, business partners and others to make their own inquiries about  status and completion of events leading up to payment, and the payment itself.  This promotes understanding and reduces support and communications costs, resulting in better outcomes for all parties.

Piezo payments

Streamline Your Payments with Piezo - Fast, Secure Blockchain Payments

Piezo Payments' innovative approach enables direct AUD bank account payments to be triggered from blockchain records, cutting costs and saving time compared to traditional payment processes in the payables and receivables offices. Our secure and transparent solutions minimize the risk of fraud and errors. Streamline your financial operations and improve cash flow management with faster, safer, and more efficient payment processing. Gain a competitive advantage and focus on efficiency and growth with Piezo Payments.


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